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hej guys :D
i'm alicia and now i'n in germany. 1 year, its the start of my georgeous party live i think. o:
i'm staying here in germany for 2 months ago.. here to learn german, i just speak spanish. & my english isnt good, haha..
but who cares. ich von columbia. :')
and this blog is a el recuerdo .. dont know the word in english or dutsch, im learning everyday new words and its confused. i dont speak perfect english AND i should learn more english than dutsch my parents says.. its not the right form /: wa.. help! :D but i read a lot of german people.. and when you have the chance to make new experience, make it and have fun. its so great in germany AND I HAVE SEEN SNOW.. little snowflakes overall.. its great. and soon you can read here in english.

hope everyone send me some messages.. (:
and i love germany <3

16.12.08 19:52

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so.cold / Website (16.12.08 21:46)
hey alicia,
nice to read your message and yes it's a song.. i love it so much because it expresses my feelings.. where do you live in germany now exactly?

kisses back, sandra

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