thank angi for your help! lots of kisses.. :-*


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german school sucks ): .. everyone talks german and i dont understand it. the girls are nice, very nice.. i love all! and they talk english, but when you sit in the class and they laugh and speak german and you understand wenig wörte (:
my german words;
hallo, mir geht gut, nicht so gut, schlampe

schlampe, the boys says "talk this to your guestmother" hehehe.. crazy kids. i learn everyday more and its great :D

we're going today to "spielo" dont know what is it but im exited.

greats and kisses.
17.12.08 13:43

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meaow / Website (17.12.08 13:49)
hihi :D
i would not call my guestmother "schlampe" :D
it would bring bad consequences :D

meaow / Website (17.12.08 14:01)
haha :D
ja, mir geht es gut :D
und dir?

san / Website (17.12.08 14:27)
hey ali, wie geht es dir? (:
vöhrringen.. i dont know this city.. maybe its a village? :D
yes, in germany its normal to drink alcohol on weekend. do you drunk alcohol and did drugs right now? its crazy i think :D.. the people in germany say "when you drink alcohol, you like everyone".. how long do you stay in germany? one year? in coumbia the people speak spanish, dont they? i learn spanish at school since this summer and i like it veeeery, very much :] maybe in one year we can talk in german AND in spanish, hihi.. funny :D

kisses, and good luck to learn some more german words like 'PUNKT' :-*


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