thank angi for your help! lots of kisses.. :-*


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its so late..  but i cant sleep mh, its so cold here in germany.. in columbia its hot everyday. you can go with your hot pants to school nd with ya tshirt.. but i love germany. really

spielotek ! you must be 18.. and angi and i we're 16 .. it was funny. the boys say just "why you win all the time? -.-" hehe :D

 nice german guys <3

great day.. so many sweet guys, lovely..

good night

17.12.08 23:27

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alina (17.12.08 23:32)
"arsch" is a very important word in german ;D;D;D;D

(17.12.08 23:40)

san / Website (18.12.08 13:45)
mir geht es auch gut..
yes, i know BaWü. do you live with angi? so, is she your.. hostsister? i dont know the word in english :p..

yes, i have a boyfriend.. but i dont know how long we will stay together because hes crazy and said things like "we are two different people and we dont belong to each other" you know.. because he wants to forbid me things like going out with my friends.. drink alcohol.. and so one. but i will see this evening because he wants to talk to me about our "problem".. do you have a boyfriend in columbia?.. or in germaaaaaany maybe? :p

I think people are going crazy when they drunk alcohol so for example the two girls.. with their tongue.. hihi. i remember i did it last year with my best friend but i had drink too much alcohol..

nice greetzzzz,

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